Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Not in Kansas anymore.....

I've started this post at 04:03 UK time in Vancouver airport after a bit of a tedious flight. Not much sleep, three movies, rubbish wine and two girls from the West Country whining about how little leg room they've got across the aisle from me. Who said the romance had gone out of travel.

Frankly, not sure if I should be awake or asleep but I'll plough on anyway - only 5 hours to Whitehorse now having left Covent Garden at 13:30 yesterday afternoon. Got to Buckingham Palace in the cab when the office phoned to say I'd left my ipod on my desk. Thought about just leaving it behind on the basis that the battery will probably freeze and not work but then figured I'd rather have it with me to test that theory than not - back to Covent Garden for departure number two....

I've been really stoked (to coin a good Australian phrase) by the support and good wishes that I've had for this race from all of my friends, family and workmates - I've had people I hardly know in the office asking about the race so word is obviously spreading. It's a bit strange but once I decide to do and start planning a race like this it doesn't seem quite as daunting or extreme - I sometimes forget that not everyone shares my slightly bonkers outlook on these things.....

The team have sent me away with a pair of comedy glasses with instructions that they want photos of me wearing them out on the course! Something else to add into the mix of completing the course an avoiding frostbite - happy holiday snaps!!!

Anyway, final leg of the journey beckons..... after a burger and chips......


  1. Moose burger I assume mancub..........when does the actual race start? -4 here tonight so I might need to borrow that sleeping bag when you get back. I'm assuming the West Country girls were not Tea times, else it would have been a slightly different blog. Laters.....x

  2. Of course it was a moose burger Mr Lovie! Race starts on Saturday at 10:30 our time which I think is 18:30 your time. Currently a balmy minus 2 here! West Country girls definitely not tea time - more Vicky Pollard right down to the Ugg boots and tracksuits......

    1. I shall raise a glass of Scottish wine to you at the appointed hour. Good luck fleet of foot and sound of mind. Don't forget to pack the tent.

  3. Minus 2???? Is that it?? Surely some mistake?? You'll roast.

    Remember to stop at the 100 mile mark, would be a schoolboy error to keep on to the bitter (or rather mild) end.

    Wish I was there!

  4. If you see any polar bears just switch on the tumble of look. Mum & Dad